MIMO Techniques for SAtellite and Stratospheric Communication Systems: Network of Excellence (2012 - 2015)

The success story of MIMO spans now for over a decade and has revolutionized all the aspects of wireless networks leading to its rapid embrace by the research community, standardization institutes and the industry. Application of MIMO technology to satellite and stratospheric communication systems have only recently begun to be investigated by academia and space agencies. The proposed research activity aims at shaping and enhancing the next generation fixed, mobile and hybrid satellite and stratospheric communication systems through MIMO techniques by contributing to both the theoretical and practical aspects of satellite technology. Another significant goal of the proposed activity is to create a Satellite Communications Network of Excellence in order to strengthen scientific and technological excellence on Satellite Communications (satcom) Technologies in Greece through the durable integration of the research capacities of the participants and having in view setting up in the long term a Hellenic Space Agency.
mimosa2The research areas of the proposal are: a) Physical-Layer MIMO Techniques for next generation satcom and stratospheric systems, b) Multi-antenna terminal design for next generation satcom and stratospheric systems, c) Satellite and stratospheric MIMO radiochannel measurement campaign, d) Satellite and stratospheric MIMO radiochannel modeling, e) Satellite Communications and Stratospheric MIMO end-to-end system simulator and f) Various scenario applications including deep space communications and earth observation links. The expected results are: numerous contributions to standardization institutes (European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI), International Telecommunication Union-Radio (ITU-R), Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)), scientific actions (COST), cooperation with European Space agencies (European Space Agency (ESA), German Aerospace Research Center (DLR), French Space Agency (CNES), French Aerospace Laboratory (ONERA), Italian Space Agency (ASI) etc) and numerous publications in the most prestigious Journals (IEEE) and Conferences relevant to Satellite and Wireless Communications and generally to Digital Communications.


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