microDIAGNOSIS: Microwave-based diagnosis for pneumothorax and detection of air cavities in body (2012 - 2015)

microDiagnosis proposes a microwave-based portable device for non-invasive, safe and real-time detection of air cavities in a human or animal body. A diagnostic microwave-based method is employed in order to originally detect and secondarily quantitatively assess the enclosed air in the body cavities. The body-region of interest is exposed to a low power microwave radiator, e.g. conformal antenna placed at close proximity, achieving the best contact with the skin. The reflected microwave signal is detected by the microwave sensor. Diagnosis method is based on the characteristics of the reflected microwave signal and the differential post processing of the signal between healthy subjects and patients. The study describes the frequency-dependent dielectric properties of the biological tissues and it justifies the selection of the optimal frequency range used for the microwave-based sensor.

The main scope of the proposed research is to introduce a novel, efficient, small and smart medical diagnostic device with wireless capabilities. A prototype will be delivered based on analytical, numerical and laboratory experiments.

The proposed research plan comprises of the following phases: