Sotiropoulos I. Apostolos


 Apostolos I. Sotiropoulos was born in Patras, Greece, in 1985. He graduated from Hellenic Air Force Academy, Dekelia, Greece, in 2007 with the Rank of Second Lieutenant and received the Diploma degree in electrical engineering and telecommunications. He is currently a first lieutenant in Hellenic Air Force and is working toward the Ph. D degree in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Rio Greece. His research interests include numerical methods in electromagnetics, applications of carbon nanotubes on electromagnetic compatibility, radar absorbing materials and nanotechnology.

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Scientific Journals

[1] Α. I. Sotiropoulos, I.-G. V. Plegas, S. Koulouridis, H. T. Anastassiu, “Scattering Properties of Carbon Nanotube Arrays”, IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, vol. 54, no. 1, pp. 110-117, 2012.


Scientific Conferences

[1] A. I. Sotiropoulos, H. T. Anastassiu, S. Koulouridis, “Carbon Nanotube Based Structure With High Absorption in X-Band”, in Proc. 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility - Emc Europe, Brugge, Belgium, September 2013.

[2] A. I. Sotiropoulos, S. Koulouridis, H. T. Anastassiu, “Multi-layer Design of SWCNTs Composites for X-Band”, 7th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Gothenburg, Sweden, pp 1284-1286 (CDROM) April 2013.

[3] A. I. Sotiropoulos, S. Koulouridis, H. T. Anastassiu, “Properties of CNT Array Scatterers as a Function of Frequency”, 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, Chicago, IL, USA, pp 1-4 (CDROM), July 2012.