Antennae Theory



Lesson Code: ECE_AK803





Principles of radio propagation in homogeneous media, Principles of radio propagation in turbulent media, Fundamental technical parameters of the antennae, Linear Wire Antennae. Aperture Antennae, Antennae Arrays, Design of special type of antennae (Planar Antennae, Reflector Antennae, Broadband Antennae), Antennae Measurements and Matching Techniques, Applications: Analysis of the Line –of – Sight (LOS) Radiolink Systems (ERP, 1st Fresnel Zone Clearance, Excess Path Loss due to the K factor, Free Space Loss, Hydrometeor Attenuation, Link Budget, Radiolink System Availability, Performance Parameters of Radiolink systems * Analysis of the Troposcatter Communications Systems (Scattering Effects and Link Budget) * Radar Equation and analysis of the involved electromagnetic parameters * Antennae Co-location techniques and Analysis of the involved Technical Parameters of an Antennae Park (Notch Filters, Combiners, Patch Panels and Power Dividers, Antennae Feeders), The practical experience of the fourth year students, include laboratory work in the investigation of the Antennae Technical Parameters (VSWR measurements, Gain Measurements, Radiation Pattern Measurements, Radiolink Measurements).

Instructors: Kotsopoulos StavrosKoulouridis Stavros