Electromagnetic Fields II



Lesson Code: ECE_Υ520


Semester: 5th

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Nature of the Electromagnetic Field. Base Theory. Basic energy relations. The Maxwell equations

Magnetostatic Field. Ampere's Law. Biot-Savart Law. Vector Dynamics. Induction. magnetic flux linkage. Magnetic forces. Magnetic Materials and Circuits Magnetostatic Field in Materials, Microscopic Approach. Macroscopic Approach. Boundary conditions. Magnetization.

Electromagnetic Induction. Faraday's Law. Moving Conductive rod. Time Constant magnetic field. Movement in a time-varying field. Dynamic magnetic field energy, definition of mutual inductance. Electromagnets.

Time-varying fields. Differential and integral form of Maxwell equations. Displacement current. Wave Equation. Diffusion Equation. Energy and Power Flow - The Poynting Theorem. Harmonic time dependence. Representation in time and in complex space. Helmholtz equations.

Waves and propagation. Planar waves Wave propagation in insulating and conducting media. Planar wave polarization. Skin effect. Group Speed. Propagation to arbitrary direction. Theorem of reciprocity

Reflection and refraction of wave fields. Fresnel equations. Parallel and vertical polarization. Reflection Law. Snell's Law. Critical angle. Total reflection, Brewster angle. Vertical and tangential strike on conductive and dielectric media. Propagation constants. Types of waves.

Introduction to Propagation. Transmission Lines, Waveguides, Antennas.

Introduction to electromagnetic compatibility and safety issues

InstructorKoulouridis Stavros